Chandra Arya
Chandra Arya
Member of Parliament for Nepean
About Chandra Arya

Chandra Arya has always worked to improve the lives of those around him. His passion to serve the community and strengthen the middle class motivated him to enter politics with three main objectives: affordable housing for all, providing retirement income security to 11 million working Canadians without workplace pensions, and ensure Canadian society and economy remain robust and competitive in the global knowledge-based economy thus securing prosperity for our children and grandchildren. 

Along with Mayor Jim Watson, Chandra was the board of Invest Ottawa – the economic development agency of the City of Ottawa – promoting knowledge based economy in Ottawa. He also served as a board member of Unity Non-Profit Housing Corporation Ottawa and was the Vice President of Ottawa Community Immigrants Services Organization. Chandra was the Chair of Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber and founder-director of Federation of Canadian Brazilian Businesses.

Chandra holds a bachelor degree in Engineering and a master degree in Business Administration. Before entering politics, he was an executive in high-technology sector. He lives in Nepean with his wife Sangeetha who worked at the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Their only son Sid is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA). As the Member of Parliament, Chandra has served on the Standing Committee on International Trade that studies and reports on such matters such as international trade policy, and global trade and investment environment.

MP Arya’s suggestions for the 2021 budget (in addition to the recommendations made by him as part of several caucus sub-groups).

  1. Initiate the process for Zero-based Budgeting with the focus (not to cut spending but) to repurpose the spending to activities/programs that directly stimulate and contribute to economic growth (and hence focus on creating jobs).
  2. Initiate steps toward Citizenship-based Taxation. Since expatriate Canadians enjoys the same rights (and same benefits on their return to Canada) as Canadian residents, they should also have the same obligations (and responsibilities) as resident Canadians and contribute by paying taxes (though on a different scale).
  3. Government of Canada is the biggest buyer of goods and services. Announce, subject to all multilateral trade agreements, federal government in all its procurement will give preference to Canadian small businesses.
  4. Recognize the movement of global economy to a knowledge-based economy. Announce a task force to study implications to Canada including but not limited to the impact of artificial intelligence (and other fast developing technologies) on Canadian economy/corporates and to Canadian society.
  5. Recognize the major changes (and big positive impact on tackling climate change) currently happening to trillions of dollars transportation sector due to shift from internal combustion engines to electric (battery and possibly hydrogen fuel cells technologies) and autonomous vehicles. Create a task force to develop strategies to keep Canada at the forefront of this sector/technologies with focus on sector wide development (mines to manufacturing to technology) plans.
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